J&J Contractors, Inc. is a full-service general contractor and construction manager providing a wide range of services that exceed client needs. J&J offers in-house M/E/P coordination and green building services that seamlessly integrate into any project, adding value without complication.

J&J offers a broad range of preconstruction planning and construction services specifically tailored to meet each project’s specific needs. All services provided are by highly experienced and motivated teams of professionals working collaboratively to determine the best solutions. Virtually every aspect of J&J’s planning and field operational processes are distributed through digital networks, accessible via FTP sites, allowing subcontractors an effortless system to obtain drawings and specifications for each project.

J&J has utilized the latest technology and software (BIM-utilizing Revit, Navisworks, On-Screen Takeoff, Timberline and Primavera) to facilitate transparent and collaborative interaction among the project team. J&J also incorporates Timberline and WinEx Pro Applications into our accounting, cost estimating, and project management systems. These applications allow us to closely monitor costs, revenues, subcontracts, insurance certification, certified payrolls and purchase orders on all projects.

General Contractor

J&J Provides general contracting services as either a Construction Manager at Risk as part of a Design Build (D/B) turnkey solution, or under a stipulated lump sum contract arrangement. The form of general contracting employed is a function of the requirements including the complexity of the program, design status, logistics, site constraints, schedule, and occupancy requirements. J&J can assist you with determining the best project delivery approach.
We understand that tight coordination of job sites and strong partnerships with subcontractors and other partners is critical to delivering quality projects on time and on budget. Our team takes pride in their relationships with subcontractors and project partners and work to foster environments of cooperation and mutual respect.

By leveraging our partner relationships and monitoring project status through detailed schedules, methodical plans, and effective cost control reporting, our teams are able to identify concerns that could impact the budget and project timeline before they become an issue.
In an era where many construction firms have become brokers who outsource to subcontractors, J&J performs several critical processes with their own work force.

Performing site work and concrete work allows J&J Contractors, Inc. to work faster and more efficiently than our competitors. By maintaining control of every aspect of our trade J&J regularly delivers a successful project ahead of schedule and within budget.


J&J Contractors, Inc. provides single source Design/Build (D/B) services for a broad range of projects. As builders, J&J has a unique D/B approach. We do not provide sole source in-house design services. As your D/B contractor we collaborate with an independent third party design consultant, selected with client input, to ensure that the firm with the best knowledge and fit is chosen.

As design/builders we work with full transparency while providing an open, collaborative dialog between owner and design team. As the design/builder we will have a direct contractual relationship with the consultant team. We act as a single point of contact with responsibility for project quality, cost, and schedule adherence.

Our teams consistently demonstrate the leadership and collaboration skills necessary to drive D/B projects to completion. We understand the key benefits of the D/B process from an owner’s perspective and work tirelessly to ensure the client’s needs are met throughout every project phase.

Construction Management

J&J Contractors, Inc. provides Construction Management services as either an at risk general contractor or as an agent of the client, Construction Manager / Agency. As Construction Manager, J&J provides comprehensive preconstruction planning services to advise the owner and consultant team about cost and constructability, and to develop strategies to help ensure timely completion and competitive procurement. Once under construction our on-site operations teams manage and coordinate the overall progress of the work while monitoring and reporting on cost, schedule, safety, and quality.

Effective Construction Manager is a balanced system where team experience and resources are shared and integrated to optimize a project’s return on investment. Both Construction Manager at Risk and Construction Manager provide assurance that a client’s financial, programmatic, schedule and quality objectives are met through team collaboration and full transparency, resulting in an optimized project outcome.

Our teams work closely with you at all times. Open and honest communication is critical in quickly addressing challenges and avoiding surprises that can disrupt schedules and impact cost. We are proud of our partnering approach and have taken great strides to foster an environment of collaboration, cooperation, and respect with architects and subcontractors. Our reporting systems contribute to our collaborative approach by streamlining processes and ensuring awareness of the project’s critical component status. Our teams are able to prioritize work efforts, make informed decisions, and share critical information with all team members in a timely manner. The result is a quality project, completed on or ahead of schedule, and within budget.

Site Work Division

In an era where many construction firms have become brokers, outsourcing all on-site work to subcontractors, J&J Contractors, Inc. continues to perform this critical trade with its in-house forces. This capability provides numerous benefits to our clients:

• Cost Control and better pricing: When performing with our own forces, we take out the middle layer of management and mark-ups, thus resulting in savings that can be passed along to our client.
• Schedule Control: With our own forces performing the work, we are better suited to address challenging schedules and to get full control of getting the work done ahead of time.
• Quality Control: When we self-perform the work, we have control of the quality of the work. Many of our employees have been with the company many years and share our standards for quality. J&J puts a strong emphasis on training and continuing education to make sure that its staff is well-versed in the most up-to-date safety and compliance requirements as well as efficient means and methods.

J&J, using company owned heavy equipment, can perform just about all site-work scopes. From site demolition through site improvements, J&J has the capabilities, quality personnel, and equipment to do it. We have performed multiple projects requiring massive cut and fills, ledge removal, and on site creation of materials using our own crusher and screener. Our utility crews have installed miles of drainage, sewage, and water piping, to include pump and lift station as well as infiltration and retention basin systems. We are accustom to deep excavations requiring shoring or trench box earth stabilization systems.

Our skilled crews perform all facades of building excavation and backfill as well as road, sidewalk, and hard-scape subsurface prep. We have constructed high scale baseball and football fields utilizing artificial turfs containing elaborate subsurface drainage, irrigation, and lighting systems. We have constructed large and small block retaining wall projects. J&J has self-performed fence installations to include ornamental, chain link, and ball field fencing, bollard and site amenity installations.

Sustainable Construction

J&J is committed to sustainable construction practices on every project. J&J has completed close to one million SF of LEED certified buildings.

A successful “green” construction project begins with development of a clear strategy early in the design phase, and continues through to final completion with a comprehensive documentation and testing program.

J&J practices many elements of sustainable construction, such as natural landscaping, sorting and control of construction debris, rainwater harvesting, energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, recycled-content materials, and commissioning as prerequisite and basic project practices. J&J has LEED Accredited professionals who have successfully implemented USGBC LEED accredited projects with state and federal agencies, architects, design teams, engineers and subcontractors.

Our tight management processes, attention-to-detail, proven standard operating procedures, and disciplined reporting practices enable us to effectively guide clients through the LEED certification process to help them meet or exceed their sustainability goals. Our approach to managing our sustainable projects effectively minimizes risk and provides the most sustainable value for every dollar spent.

Quality Control

A comprehensive Quality Control Program ensures that a project is designed, procured, built, and commissioned where the work meets or exceeds the minimal specified performance criteria and generally accepted standards of construction.

J&J professionals implement a proven QC strategy to achieve the intended quality standard specified. The QC plan addresses organization, credentials and responsibilities of the QC team, and the use of outside consultants and on-site personnel. Key tenets involve coordination and submittal procedures, licensed fabrication and installation, protection of stored materials, MEP systems performance and testing, field-based corrective work tracking, and quality control verification.


At J&J, we have developed a culture that promotes an injury-free environment and provides the safest workplace possible for our employees, subcontractors, clients, and others who enter our construction sites.

J&J’s Safety Program has been highly effective in maintaining safe and productive job sites, with our OSHA inspection record at a near zero citation level. Additionally, J&J’s entire field supervisory personnel are OSHA 30-hour trained, CPR and First Aid certified.

J&J’s Safety Program begins with a comprehensive Job Hazard Analysis for each project. J&J Safety Director works with each subcontractor to assess potential hazards and train personnel. Additionally, all safety results are traced and reported on site. This system enables J&J personnel to record, track, and manages their observations on every project. We are dedicated to elevating the standards for safety in the construction industry through a wide variety of methods, from zero-tolerance drug testing, to our aggressive fall-protection program.